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Our latest special offer:

Satellite- equipment Digital Max-view with parabolic dish – installation included with 2 years guarantee:

899,00 €
(incl. VAT.)

OmniSat-Twister is a mechanical satellite dish which does not require a mast. The OmniSat-Twister can be installed anywhere on your caravan roof without the requirement for a mast in your cupboard. You don’t need to worry about other room installations such as air conditioning units or windows, as the OmniSat-Twister can be installed anywhere. The OmniSat-Twister comes with a newly concieved satellite dish (W:80 H:60cm) that recieves images, even at the edge of the footprint.

The setup of the OmniSat-Twister is simple. The inside-compass calculates the Azimut of the desired Satellite and with the turn-crank you can set the elevation. The OmniSat-Twister is for any roof-strength and works with any reciever.


  • No mast installation
  • Easy dish-pointing with compass
  • Newly designed dish
  • Works with all roof-strengths

Technical Information:

  • Installed Height/Weight: ca. 26cm/ca. 10kg
  • Installation footprint: 50 × 50cm
  • Universal-LNB: 10,70 – 12,75Ghz
  • Noise factor: 0,5db typ.
  • Dish-size: B: 80cm, H: 60cm.

Specifications are subject to change.